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Paella feast for 10

Value:  $2,000

For a taste of seaside Spain on the Central Coast of California, we invite you to bid on a traditional, festive paella dinner for 10 at the lovely Pasatiempo home of former CASA Board member Mary Dean and husband Mark Linder.  Dinner will be prepared by experienced paella chef, Paul Ronzano.  [Some of last year’s luck winners of this item told me they loved hanging out with Paul at the paella pot, glass of wine in hand, and watch him create his masterpiece!] This classic Spanish meal will begin with appetizers and salads prepared by Board member Mary Shartle and her sister, Betsy Ronzano.  [Last year’s lucky winners also tole me that the appetizers and desserts were out of this world!]  This event also includes plentiful wine, beer and alcohol-free options.

[Donated by Paul Ronzano and CASA Board member Mary Shartle.  Hosted by past Board member Mary Dean and husband Mark Linder]

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