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TRAINING: Immigration and Deportation: Possible effects on CASA families

Thursday, May 25, 2017
6:00 pm8:00 pm
United Way, 4450 Capitola Road #106, Capitola

Broad new immigration policies under the present administration are heightening fears among people living without documentation. Within our CASA families, children have expressed fears about their parents being detained or deported. What is the reality? Most importantly, how can we acknowledge our CASA's childrens' fears for their families, and give them tools to deal with this issue?

Karen Mallory, an experienced immigration attorney in Watsonville and a member of the Immigration Project, will discuss ICE procedures, and address the fears of our local families. She will also present specific steps our families can take, from preventative measures -- for example, preparations that can be made ahead of time in the event something happens -- to practical advice, such as who to call if a parent is detained.

CASA is fortunate to have Karen offering her expertise and experience in this area. We invite all who are interested to sign up for this training.

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