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"Every day is a good day when we're together"

"Every day is a good day when we're together"

Dahlia has an adventurous spirit. She likes to try everything! She loves spending time with Stacey, her Advocate, at the CASA House playing dress up, having tea parties, creating art, and cooking. She drew this picture of her and Stacey in the garden, another one of her favorite things to do at the CASA house. 

But it wasn’t always tea parties and fun. Dahlia was only 5 years old when she and her younger sister Anna entered foster care. It was an anxious time in their young lives, and she definitely looked out for her little sister, almost as a parent would. Now, with the support of her CASA and new caregivers, Dahlia is increasingly able to just be a kid and enjoy her childhood. Both Dahlia and Anna are doing wonderfully in their new forever home and are very much looking forward to being adopted.

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