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Carol Kitayama

When Carol first met 10 year old Jordan* in 2014, his first words to her were: “I thought you’d be a man – you’re not a man.” Carol smiled, “Well, I’m kind of a tomboy, so I think we’ll be o.k.” And for the past two years, spending time together every week, Carol and Jordan have been more than o.k.
Carol and Jordan spend many hours at the CASA house. Jordan likes to cook, so often the two of them can be found
in the CASA kitchen, concocting some very complicated dishes. Carol noticed that Jordan would worry about having things done just right – his fear of making a
mistake seemed to hold him back. Carol brought an old computer to the CASA house, and encouraged Jordan to take it apart. His initial response was, “But I won’t be able to get it back together!” Carol encouraged him to be curious, and it wasn’t long before the computer was completely dismantled and Jordan was intently examining the internal components. Jordan has been fortunate to have several adults in his life who love and want him: his grandparents, his foster parents, and his birth mother. But the reality of where he will live permanently is complicated, and Jordan’s future is still in limbo. Carol said she is “so conflicted” with feelings of empathy for many of the caregivers in Jordan’s life, but needs to make recommendations to the court that are ultimately in Jordan’s best interests. “He’s such a great kid – so sweet and empathetic,” Carol said. “I just want what’s best for him.”

*To protect his confidentiality, Jordan is not his real name.

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