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Charmaine Jacques

Charmaine can speak from experience. “Being in the system can feel isolating, awkward, and sets you apart from your peers.” She is devoted to bringing advocacy, support and encouragement to her CASA youth, Brenda. “Spending time with Brenda is the most rewarding experience ever. She is such a bright light in my life.” Charmaine keeps an eye on her teen's needs for the court, but also tries to bring some “fun and normalcy” to Brenda day to day. “In return she brings that to me. We laugh a lot, have deep and meaningful conversations, and enjoy talking about the future.” Charmaine knows the difference a CASA Advocate can make. “Each child that is unfortunately in the system is blessed to have an organization such as CASA to hold their hand and give them a voice through the process. "I cannot imagine a world without CASA.”

*Name changed

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