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Cindy Margolin

Cindy has been a CASA Advocate since 2002; she is currently with her fifth CASA child. When Cindy remarried in 2005, she and her new husband created a trust to safeguard their future. Cindy had a separate retirement account that was “just sitting there,” Cindy said. “I asked myself, ‘What is the best thing to do with this?’ My adult children from my previous marriage were the beneficiaries of the retirement account and other property, and they supported my desire to support local charities with a portion of the retirement account.” Cindy had two guiding principles: the non-profit organizations had to be local, and “it had to be work I feel passionate about.” Cindy took a portion of her retirement account, and designated that money as a legacy gift for several nonprofit organizations, including CASA. “It was so easy– I didn’t have to go back to my attorney. I had my investment advisor set up a separate retirement account with the charities as joint beneficiaries. If I ever have a critical need for the money, I can always use it. And because I’m leaving it to a non-profit organization, the full amount designated will be transferred to CASA, with no deferred income tax due. Best of all, now I can continue to support the good work of CASA when I’m gone, without feeling like I’m taking from my children.” Cindy said, “I’m not rich – I never thought I could do something like this. But I could – there’s plenty to go around! I’ve had so many gifts in my life, it’s time for me to give back."

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