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Gerry & Esther Levandoski

Gerry and Esther met in 1978, during their Peace Corps service in Nicaragua. Their commitment to strengthening communities continues in their volunteerism
and their philanthropy. The Levandoskis volunteer their time with a wide variety of organizations, from assisting with disaster relief at the Red Cross, to acting as docents at Ano Nuevo State Park, and building homes with Habitat for Humanity. They share the philosophy that a solid community is good for everyone. “If everyone does what they can,” Esther said, “then everybody profits.” The Levandoskis began giving to CASA in 2009. “The draw of giving to CASA,” Esther said, “is that our gifts help children that haven’t been as lucky as most children. We know our support is going to children who really need additional assistance.” As former teachers, Esther and Gerry have a life-long commitment to education. Gerry said, “Education has become more and more important. To make a good living, you have to have marketable skills.” The Levandoski’s investment in the CASA house funded the Learning Center. This special room in the house is a place where children can study, use the computer, and choose from hundreds of books in the Learning Center library. Esther and Gerry hope that by giving to CASA each year, they will do more than support children in foster care: “We hope to inspire others to help.”

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