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Janet Platin

Janet and her business, The Buttery,have supported CASA generously for years. “CASA does such a great job for kids,” she says, an assertion Janet makes with confidence because she served as a CASA Advocate for four children during the 90’s. “Having an Advocate does change children’s lives. And my experience with CASA has always involved warm, wonderful, caring people, from the directors to the Advocates and everyone involved.” These days Janet’s business and her grandchildren keep her on the run, but she is able to maintain her commitment to helping children as a member of CASA’s monthly donor program, the Guardian Circle. “For me, since I don’t have time to participate as an Advocate, supporting CASA financially is the best thing I can do to help,” Janet says. “I know my support has a direct, positive impact on children,” she adds. “CASA is a brilliant program that we are very fortunate to have in our community.”

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