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Katie Bates & Phil Bates

Katie Bates knows first-hand how important it is for foster children to have an Advocate in their lives. Over 25 years ago, Katie was an Advocate (along with one other Advocate) for a family of five children in the East Bay. “It was a trial by fire,” Katie says, “and the case lasted for years.” Katie subsequently was an Advocate for four additional children. So when she and Phil (a native-born Santa Cruzan) moved back to the area in 2000, it made sense that she would connect with CASA of Santa Cruz, serving two six-year terms on the Board of Directors. Katie and Phil have supported CASA since 2001. They contribute to CASA every year, and were major donors to the Casa for CASA capital campaign. In addition, Katie has a special interest in supporting the educational futures of the children in foster care. “When I was an Advocate, I saw how these children were rapidly falling behind at school unless there was some intervention. That’s why I’m particularly excited that CASA has become so proactive in advocating for educational support for the children.” Phil adds, “When you succeed, and break the cycle of abuse and neglect, you’ve truly made a difference in their lives.”

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