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Sara & Kirsten

Ages: 8 and 6

Sara* and Kristen* witnessed domestic violence and drug abuse in their home. They were not regularly in school. When they entered foster care the judge wanted them to have the support and advocacy of CASA volunteers. Jill and Tori became their Advocates. "At first Sara was shy and self-protective," Jill said, “but she is very intelligent and creative.” Sara loved to visit the CASA house with Jill to play on the computer and do crafts. Kristen loved Barbies and baby dolls, and she and Tori liked to draw pictures together. Kristen fell in love with Joey the CASA Labrador. Tori and Jill saw the girls every week, and after two years in foster care, Sara and Kristen were able to go home and live with their mom. Both are doing well. “Kristen is now a happy, more confident child,” Tori says. “She is a wonderful little girl.” “Sara is excelling in school now, in 5th grade and looking forward to graduating to middle school next year,” says Jill.

*Names and images changed

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