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Donor Story: Letty and Lane Bess

In the 31 years Letty and Lane have been together, they’ve built a marriage, a family, financial success, and a spirit of giving that has benefited many different organizations, including CASA.  As a current volunteer Advocate for a teenage girl, Letty said, “I’m all about the kids.”  She discovered how important it was to her CASA teen that Letty was a volunteer.  “My girl was so taken by the fact that I wanted to volunteer my time to be with her,” Letty said.  “It’s one of the many reasons we give to CASA; I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to support the volunteer concept of the organization.” Letty and Lane both have their passions when it comes to giving back to the community.  However, Lane said, “I got excited about CASA because I saw Letty’s passion for the organization, and the youth being served.”  The gifts Lane and Letty have made to CASA have made a profound impact on the lives of children and youth in foster care.  “That’s important to us,” they said.  “We want to make an impact.”  They both talk about how wonderful it is to be in a position to help others who need their support.  “We have great empathy for the CASA children, and a great appreciation for our own good fortune,” Lane said.  “That’s a combination that resonates with us, and guides our giving.”