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For the Love of Children


For the Love of Children is an annual event hosted by the Friends of CASA.  This event is normally a luncheon, where the community can come together to learn more about CASA and raise money for the CASA Children's Fund.  In 2021, we held the event virtually for the first time.

What is the CASA Children's Fund?

The CASA Children’s Fund is used by our volunteer Advocates to purchase special items to enrich, or just add normalcy to a CASA child's life. During COVID-19, some of these items have become more essential than ever before! This year, we have supplied dozens of tablets and laptops for online schooling. We have purchased bikes, bike helmets, camping supplies, roller blades, and scooters so kids can get out and exercise safely. We also helped with essential items that many of us take for granted such as eyeglasses, braces, bedding, strollers, car seats, and tutoring.

Please find the recording of our 2021 virtual event below