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Harness the Power of Workplace Giving to Support CASA

If you work for a company, organization, a utility, or the federal government, you may have the opportunity to participate in a workplace giving program.

Workplace giving programs provide a seamless and effective channel for our volunteers and supporters to contribute to our cause. Through initiatives like payroll deductions, matching gifts, company grants, and donations for volunteer hours, you can maximize your support of CASA and the children we serve while aligning with your company's commitment to social responsibility. Check with your HR department to see if your company participates in any of the following philanthropic/ social responsibility programs:

Payroll Deductions: A Steady Stream of Support
One of the easiest and most convenient ways to contribute is through payroll deductions. This allows you to make regular, automatic donations directly from your paycheck, ensuring a consistent and reliable stream of support for CASA of Santa Cruz County and the work we do. Even small, regular contributions add up over time, making a significant impact on our ability to carry out our mission.

Matching Gifts: Doubling the Impact
Many companies offer matching gift programs where they match their employees' donations to eligible nonprofits. This means that every dollar you contribute to CASA is matched by your employer, effectively doubling the impact of your generosity. CASA receives matching gifts from many companies where our volunteers and supporters work, including Driscolls, AT&T, PG&E, Intel, Google, Apple, Macy's, Target, and many more. Be sure to ask your employer!

Company Grants: Amplifying Our Reach
Some companies provide community grants to organizations supported by their employees. Many organizations, from Safeway, to McDonalds, to Google have local grants they will gift to organizations. Reach out to your HR or corporate social responsibility department to explore this opportunity and facilitate the application process. CASA will fill out all the application, with your support.

Company Donations for Volunteer Hours: Turning Time into Treasure
If you're an active volunteer, your company may reward your commitment with monetary donations for the volunteer hours you've dedicated as a CASA Advocate. This innovative approach not only acknowledges your efforts but also translates your time into financial support, bolstering our ability to create positive change. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Many large corporations in Silicon Valley support this either ongoing or on special volunteer days.

  •  Check with Your HR Department: Inquire about your company's existing workplace giving programs, including payroll deductions, matching gifts, and grants for volunteer hours.
  •  Fill Out Necessary Forms: If your company offers matching gifts or grants, fill out the required forms and provide any necessary documentation to ensure your donations are eligible for corporate support. They may use a third-party system such as Benevity, Frontstream, BrightFunds, or YourCause to handle deductions and matches.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage your colleagues to join you in participating in workplace giving. A collective effort can have a more substantial impact, creating a culture of philanthropy within your workplace.

Your dedication and support have been instrumental in serving the most vulnerable children and youth of our community, and workplace giving provides an accessible and impactful way for you to contribute even more to our shared mission. Whether through payroll deductions, matching gifts, company grants, or donations for volunteer hours, every contribution makes a difference.

Thank you for all you do!