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Advocate Guidelines

Advocacy During COVID-19

Learn more about the adaptations made to the CASA Advocate role during a pandemic and what to expect. Review the Optional In-Person Visit Guidelines and suggestions on how to stay connected with youth during this time. 

Advocate/Child Visits
  • Children/youth served by CASA could benefit from the ongoing support of their Advocates for a listening ear, accessing resources, and making children visible during this time. We know that many types of abuse happen in isolation and encourage you to step up and stay present for the children/youth and families.

    Please follow all recommended guidelines of social distancing and shelter in place orders. We continue to support virtual visits being the safest option at this time. While the expectation of weekly visits with your child/youth is currently waived, we ask that Advocates stay in weekly contact with their child/youth/caregivers. We are encouraging and challenging our advocates to be creative in how they engage their child/youth, identify child/family needs, and maintain ongoing communication at this time. Please work with your supervisor directly on specific issues as they arise. Below is a list of some ideas to stay connected:

  • In order to opt into in-person visits, you must:
    1. discuss your plans for how to conduct safe visits with your Advocate Supervisor first;
    2. return the last page of the document with your signature to your supervisor; and
    3. follow the guidelines during visits (please speak with your supervisor if you are in need of PPE/safety supplies for visits)

  • Video call
  • Set up virtual gaming play dates: candy crush, solitaire, words with friends, etc…
  • Send cards or letters in the mail (do not lick stamps, envelopes, etc…)
  • Record yourself reading a kid’s story and stream/text it to them
  • Watch a movie at the same time using Netflix Party
  • Stay connected and send short video messages using the Marco Polo App
  • For more ideas: Virtual Visits
Court Hearings and Team Meetings

All Court hearing and case meetings are being held virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams at this time. Please follow the detailed instructions provided by your supervisor to attend court hearings and communicate with them about your ability to attend upcoming meetings.

Contacting My Supervisor

The CASA House is currently closed, however all staff are working remotely and can be contacted during regular business hours by calling the office (831) 761-2956 or email. Our new automated phone system will provide you options on how to route your call directly to your supervisor. Supervisors will still be available and working hard to support advocates and child/youth needs as they come up. Be sure to contact your supervisor by phone or email to notify them of a pressing need for your child/youth. Together, we can do this!

Speaking with Children About Coronavirus