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Continuing Education Resources

Family Dynamics


Growing Up Poor in America PBS Documentary Film (1 CEU)

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain (.5 CEU)

The Five Protective Factors to Strengthen Families — Part 1 (1 CEU)

The Five Protective Factors to Strengthen Families–Part 2 (.5 CEU)

Voices of Kinship Caregivers Webinar (2 CEU)

What’s really needed to support young people from poor and low-income families? from NPR’s Your Call show (1 CEU)

Supporting Families Affected by Domestic Violence [Webinar] (1.5 CEU)

Watch these three modules on Parental Incarceration for a total of 1.25 CEU. Developed by Rebecca Shlafer, Ph.D. and Ed Morales, MSW, this three part series serves as a primer for child welfare workers who have contact with families affected by family incarceration. Topics covered include current and emerging trends in the corrections population, the effects of parental incarceration on children's socio-emotional functioning, and the importance of contact between children and their incarcerated parents.