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Substance Use and Recovery


Substance Use Disorders (Three-part Series): While substance abuse is not a new phenomenon, widespread addiction to opioids has been making headlines across the country. Law enforcement, public health officials, and policy makers are working to stem the tide of overdose deaths and hold accountable those responsible for this nationwide public health crisis. Often overlooked are the tens of thousands of children who are coming into foster care every year as a result of the opioid crisis. Courts are struggling to cope with the influx of cases. Child welfare officials are managing record caseloads and budget shortages. The goal of the series is to increase understanding of substance use disorder (SUD) on children who have experienced abuse or neglect and their families so that they are served with a greater amount of knowledge and skill by CASA/GAL volunteers. 

Resources to Support Families in Child Welfare Affected by Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders (.5 hour of continuing education)

Supporting Families in Child Welfare Affected by Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders (1.5 hours of continuing education)

Supporting Families Affected by Opioids through Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (.5 hour of continuing education)

Watch these 2 Ted Talk videos for .5 hour of continuing education:

Addiction and Child Welfare - Video  (1 hour continuing education) What is addiction? The conversation about addiction and child welfare Brain science of addiction Impact on families and the child welfare system. What is recovery?