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Transition Age Youth



AB 2035 – Healthy Futures for Foster Youth (1.5 hours of continuing education)

California has established a high standard for the sexual and reproductive health education and services young people need and deserve. Several years ago, the state recognized that young people in foster care were facing unfair barriers accessing the education and services available to other youth. As a result, youth in foster care were facing disproportionately poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. In a 2016 study of youth in California’s foster care system, by age 19, about half of females reported having been pregnant at least once, more than twice the rate in the general population; yet, two-thirds did not describe these pregnancies as intended. They also reported disproportionately poor prenatal outcomes. Young people in foster care additionally reported disproportionately higher rates of sexually transmitted infection than their same age peers.

AB 2035 – Healthy Futures for Foster Youth would ensure access to comprehensive sexual health education, improve access to reproductive care, and strengthen the knowledge of resource families in order to improve health outcomes for youth in care.  This webinar provides details about AB 2035, why this legislation is crucial to prevent and reduce negative health outcomes like higher rates of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancies, miscarriage, stillbirth, and low birth weight among youth in care and information about how you can help create Healthy Futures for Foster Youth.