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Empowering Dreams: Announcing Spring 2024 Scholarship Recipients

College Students

CASA of Santa Cruz County is thrilled to share the inspiring stories of our recent scholarship recipients who have demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commitment to building brighter futures for themselves. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and these six remarkable youth exemplify the potential that lies within each person, regardless of the challenges they may have faced. 

One of our scholarship recipients is a formerly incarcerated youth who is embarking on a transformative journey of reentry into the community. With a $1,000 scholarship in hand, he is pursuing his education at Cabrillo College. This dedicated individual is not only sorting out his life but also exploring potential career paths, showcasing the positive impact education can have on a successful community integration. 

Two of our former foster youth scholarship recipients are enrolled at Cabrillo College, working towards their associate degrees with dreams of transferring to UC Santa Cruz.  Although their educational journey may take longer than most, these resilient young women are breaking barriers and defying odds, determined to receive an undergraduate degree.   

Our scholarship program is also supporting the dreams of those aspiring to make a difference in healthcare. One former foster youth is currently attending nursing school, with the goal of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Her passion for caring for others is driving her towards a fulfilling career where she can positively impact the lives of those in need. Another is attending a vocational program to become a Medical Assistant. Through their dedication and hard work, these two youth are only pursuing their passion for healthcare but also actively shaping a promising future for themselves. 

And, our final recipient is working towards becoming a drug and alcohol counselor at Cabrillo College. With a commitment to helping others overcome addiction, this amazing former foster youth is on a path to make a significant impact in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse. 

At CASA of Santa Cruz County, we are immensely proud of these former foster and justice-involved youth and their determination to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. The $1,000 scholarships awarded to each individual represent more than just financial assistance – they symbolize our commitment to supporting and empowering these bright minds as they strive for success in their educational and professional journeys. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success, knowing that they are not only creating opportunities for themselves but also inspiring others to believe in a brighter future. 

Thank you to the annual funders of our scholarship fund, including Omega Nu, Bill McCabe Memorial, and the Paul Hopper Memorial. We would love to offer even more assistance to amazing youth pursuing their dreams. If you would like to set up an annual fund, please contact or make a donation at