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Advocate Self Care

Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue with Self-Care (1 hour of continuing education)

How Do We Manage Our Secondary Trauma, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue During COVID-19? Essential Tools from a Trauma Expert Webinar (1.5 hours of continuing education): There is now wide consensus that responding to the COVID-19 pandemic will take months rather than weeks. As CASA/GAL staff and volunteers we work in high stress, trauma-exposed fields and all need to consider strategies that will help us remain clear-headed, compassionate and present in the long-term rather than racing to just get through another day. Using evidence-informed strategies, this webinar will offer some essential strategies and resources to help all of us manage this difficult time.

Additional Resources:
  • Greater Good Magazine-Keys to Well-Being Explore Greater Good's 12 building blocks of individual and community well-being — the behaviors that research suggests will support your health and happiness, and foster positive connections with other people.
  • Ten Percent Happier Coronavirus Sanity Guide (FREE) In times like these, we need practical, actionable ways of coping with stress, fear, and anxiety. The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page will help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos. We’re adding more resources as they're created - so keep checking back. 
  • The Science of Happiness Podcast (15-20min/episode) What does it take to live a happier life? Learn research-tested strategies that you can put into practice today. Hosted by award-winning psychologist Dacher Keltner. Co-produced by PRX and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. 
  • 3-min Mindful Movement Break
  • 3-min Mindful Breathing Excercise